MAPLE Cloud Services

We work across cloud platforms to help you manage your enterprise cloud resources—public and private—securely and effectively.

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Clients We Serve

Cloud Professional Services

As Cloud Services & Consulting Partner to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GPC) Maple offers the complete range of cloud services. Our team has certified professionals and experienced engineers, architects, and developers have a long track record of successful cloud computing projects.


Migrate your existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud from anywhere.


Deploy new applications and infrastructure in the cloud.


Develop cloud-native applications optimized to run at any scale. Updating legacy applications for cloud.


Automate your entire cloud infrastructure using the latest tools on cloud platforms.


Stream, store, and process vast amounts of data for your customer-facing applications.


Maximize the performance and returns of your cloud assets.



Explore blockchain’s ‘Internet of Value' to begin building a more secure digital foundation.

As blockchain strategies gain traction, organizations continue to test the fundamental way that business transactions will change. Industries across the board are seeing the value in leveraging smart, decentralized, trusted and highly-encrypted network of computing nodes­—the next disruptive wave in digital business.

Maple's large multi-industry survey uncovers essential insights about blockchain.

Given the need across industries to understand and envision ways of applying this new business thinking and technology, Maple conducted primary blockchain research. The resulting industry survey illuminates the challenges and opportunities in financial services, retail, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing.

Blockchain's shared infrastructure offers organizations a way to improve their operational efficiency and cash in on new business opportunities and emerging ecosystems.

Our Partners

Maple partners with key cloud infrastructure, automation, and management platform providers to ensure our clients take advantage of the best cloud solutions available.

Why choose Maple

Maple delivers best-of-breed cloud systems integration, application development, and managed services.

We are experts in utilizing proven cloud technologies and are on the cutting edge of integrating emerging cloud technologies into our practice.


Joe Kaiping, Director

Maple provides hard to find breadth in cloud and enterprise development, coupled with practical implementation capability. They have delivered a wide variety of tasks ranging from database integration, service development, performance and the control dashboard. I am impressed with the timeliness on delivery and capability to expand staffing as needed. Maple is a great asset to any team.

Winston Tsao, Technology Manager

Our company had limited knowledge of the cloud, but the Maple team of cloud experts provided exceptional solutions and critical guidance that made our project a success. The team was a calming influence during the inevitable stressful times of the project.

Adam Frantz, Director IT

With great customer service, Maple helped our agency successfully launch three brand new websites for our largest client with autoscaling, high availability, and AWS multi-region failover. We recommend Maple to any company that needs help building cloud infrastructure.

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