Big Data


Big data opens doors and opportunities—when turned into insights. We make data accessible and secure.


Power the future with New IT—liquid, intelligent and connected.

As enterprises reinvigorate their Data and Analytics capabilities, they encounter complex data platforms—coexistence of multiple generations of technology and multi-modal IT.

As a result, they look for a guiding hand on how to best orchestrate new technologies, processes, and consumption mechanisms into their Data and Analytics programs.

MAPLE answers a variety of data and analytics program specific questions. For instance, what kind of an operating mechanism does an organization need to create if parts of the data and analytics program are Agile, Self Service and Factory based or what possible evolution paths can be envisioned for the technology maturity of the program?

We help define the vision and related technology structures & governance processes and enables enterprises to mature in a planned manner to meet their futuristic needs.


  • Reduce the uncertainties associated with data & analytics program execution

  • Choose the fabric of service models for your program

  • Receive insights and guidance on evolving digital patterns

  • Create an optimal roadmap base-lined on achievement and forward looking as per ambition

  • Engage and foster competency to meet tomorrow's targets 

  • Ensure transparency, smooth functioning, and eventual success of data & analytics program