You want a swift, secure and smooth transition. And once you're in the cloud, you'll need to evolve.

Delivering next-generation business outcomes

MAPLE Operations combines technology that digitizes and automates business processes, unlocks actionable insights, and delivers Everything-as-a-Service with our team's deep industry, functional and technical expertise. So you can confidently chart your course to consuming your core business services on demand, accelerate innovation and speed to market. Welcome to the "as-a-Service" business revolution.

Businesses today need to speed up their delivery capabilities and stay competitive without compromising on quality and compliance. In everyday operations and diagnostics, enterprises face key challenges, which include:

  • Lack of real-time monitoring and visibility of applications i.e. servers, databases, networks, etc.

  • Monitoring and managing disparate set of tool

  • Slow response to product performance issues

  • Frequent service outages and low operational efficiency


MAPLE Operations is an end-to-end framework that enables seamless and proactive monitoring of a wide range of enterprise IT applications including message queues, platforms, infrastructure, and business transactions. By enabling direct integration with industry-standard service management solutions, the offering facilitates automated ticket generation for speedy resolution of various Infrastructure and Application Performance issues. Through its capability of tracking KPIs round-the-clock, the solution records the status of servers, networks, storage, and other elements.

Solution Benefits

large application monitoring

Enhances network availability through application, infrastructure, and database monitoring.

Reduced troubleshooting time

Facilitates proactive problem diagnostics and resolution, monitoring a wide variety of platforms and KPIs.

Automated data collation

The platform analyzes the existing 3rd party monitoring tools and and facilitates integration with our solution.

Unified single-view data interpretation

Aids in highlighting business critical information to derive real insights.

Transforming Social Media Marketing

Accessing weather-driven demand triggers to contextualize competitive campaigns and optimize returns.

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