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Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Maple has highly skilled professionals to build solutions on Big Data, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

We offer the full range of Big Data services including architecture design and infrastructure migration, data integration, systems integration, automation, management, and application development. Our big data solutions are scalable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Big Data management solutions give companies the ability to collect a multitude of data from hundreds of sources in real time, resulting in better customer engagement through more effective interactions and marketing programs. Big Data analytics provide organizations with comprehensive customer profiles, enabling the delivery of more personalized service and experiences, ultimately leading to greater customer lifetime value.

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Big Data solutions allow you to:

  • Identify new customers using consumer interests, behaviour and insights gleaned from Big Data analytics

  • Find new marketing opportunities via Big Data analysis that provides patterns helpful in improving existing segments or features

  • Provide customer recommendation engines that use Big Data tools to provide customers offers relevant to them

  • Redevelop products via Big Data analysis of customer perception of business strategy

  • Perform risk analyses with Big Data predictive analytics to scan and analyze reports and keep up with the latest industry developments

  • Keep data safe via Big Data analytics that map a company’s entire data landscape

  • Reduce maintenance costs with Big Data tools that can spot failing grid devices and predict when they will go out

  • Develop enterprise-wide insights using Big Data interactive and dynamic visualization tools that allow business users to analyze, view and benefit from the data

Big Data IoT and Machine Learning

Big Data and the Internet of Things are set to transform many areas of business and everyday life. With the ability to enable efficient and speedy processing of high volume data and analytics to and from any number of devices, Maple can design and automate your unique IoT platform and supporting applications.


We can also leverage machine learning technology to analyze the myriad of data generated by IoT devices and to generate predicted outcomes and behaviour.

We utilize powerful AWS Big Data services in the majority of our projects to enable our clients to stream, store, and process vast amounts of data for their customer-facing applications:

  • Amazon Aurora MySQL compatible database engine with all the capabilities of commercial databases and up to five times better performance at significantly lower cost

  • Amazon S3 for analysis, backup, and content data storage

  • Amazon RDS for a scalable MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL database in the cloud

  • AWS Lambda to run code without provisioning or managing servers

  • Amazon SQS, SNS, and other AWS communication services help automate and streamline data transfers and processing

Maple also works with open source and enterprise big data solutions including Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, Hadoop, MongoDB, and Voldemort.

Contact us to discuss your Big Data project.

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Joe Kaiping, Director

Maple provides hard to find breadth in cloud and enterprise development, coupled with practical implementation capability. They have delivered a wide variety of tasks ranging from database integration, service development, performance and the control dashboard. I am impressed with the timeliness on delivery and capability to expand staffing as needed. Maple is a great asset to any team.

Winston Tsao, Technology Manager

Our company had limited knowledge of the cloud, but the Maple team of cloud experts provided exceptional solutions and critical guidance that made our project a success. The team was a calming influence during the inevitable stressful times of the project.

Adam Frantz, Director IT

With great customer service, Maple helped our agency successfully launch three brand new websites for our largest client with autoscaling, high availability, and AWS multi-region failover. We recommend Maple to any company that needs help building cloud infrastructure.