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Deploy new Applications and Infrastructure to the Cloud

Maple is a Partner to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform because of our proven capability to migrate complex cloud architectures to the cloud and our deep knowledge of cloud service provider's best in class services.

Cloud infrastructure and application deployment initiatives include:

  • Strategy and roadmap to facilitate decisions such as how cloud can best be used for your organization, which applications are a best fit for cloud, and whether a proof of concept is needed

  • Architecture audit and design to gather requirements, create logical and network diagrams, and create cloud architecture documents

  • Development with a DevOps approach using proven, cutting-edge cloud technologies including automation with Amazon CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Ansible, Chef, and Docker

  • Integration with existing systems and applications in your data center

  • Testing of all functionality at scale and high load

  • Deployment of the new cloud production, staging, and test environments

  • Full documentation of your new cloud infrastructure to enable a smooth handoff to your team. If your team needs ongoing support after launch, we offer multiple levels of cloud managed services

Maple has specific expertise in the following areas that help you achieve the benefits of cloud, including scalability, high availability, and automation.

Architecture Design

  • High Availability Engineering: Architecture design and deployment of systems and applications that achieve the maximum uptime possible

  • Infrastructure Design: Design of your new cloud infrastructure based on your specific organization’s requirements and optimized to take advantage of the dynamic nature of cloud

  • Scalability Engineering: Architecture design and deployment of systems and applications that grow with your business

  • Infrastructure Audit and Best Practices Implementation: Optimization recommendations based on a review of your systems and applications, industry standards, and our own best practices

  • Best Practices: Audit existing AWS deployments for best practices and remediate existing issues

  • Security Audit and Remediation: Security updates and optimizations based on an audit of your applications and infrastructure

Integration & Deployment

  • Infrastructure and Application Deployment: Infrastructure and application deployment in the cloud

  • Load Testing: Development of custom load testing solutions to prepare your application and infrastructure for users

  • Big Data: Leverage benefits of big data with cutting-edge big data solutions from AWS

  • Disaster Recovery: Deployment of your infrastructure solutions to multiple regions and data centers to help you meet DR requirements

Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy

Security & Governance

Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Cloud Solutions for Mobile Applications

Managed Services

Internet of Things (IoT)


SaaS Business Application Development

SaaS Product Development

Cloud Platform Development

System Integration

Business Intelligence

System Automation & Optimization

Cloud Migration

Solutions for Mission Critical Applications

Cloud Strategy

Plan your move to the cloud or an expansion of your existing cloud deployment based on best practices we’ve developed across hundreds of successful client engagements.

Security & Governance

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Joe Kaiping, Director

Maple provides hard to find breadth in cloud and enterprise development, coupled with practical implementation capability. They have delivered a wide variety of tasks ranging from database integration, service development, performance and the control dashboard. I am impressed with the timeliness on delivery and capability to expand staffing as needed. Maple is a great asset to any team.

Winston Tsao, Technology Manager

Our company had limited knowledge of the cloud, but the Maple team of cloud experts provided exceptional solutions and critical guidance that made our project a success. The team was a calming influence during the inevitable stressful times of the project.

Adam Frantz, Director IT

With great customer service, Maple helped our agency successfully launch three brand new websites for our largest client with autoscaling, high availability, and AWS multi-region failover. We recommend Maple to any company that needs help building cloud infrastructure.